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If you live in Greensboro North Carolina and surrounding areas and your HVAC system needs to be inspected, repaired or maybe you need an entirely new system and installation then give our HVAC experts a call at Southern Comfort Mechanical. We will get to your house fast and determine what the issue is with your current HVAC system and offer a free estimate on any needed repairs or services that are needed. All of our technicians have years of experience and training that allow them to offer you the best service possible at your home.




There are different reasons for needing a new HVAC system in your home. Maybe you are moving into a new home and are to the point where you are installing a new system, we can work with you to make sure that you are choosing the right HVAC system for your home and that it is installed professionally and correctly the first time. If this isn’t the case and you are looking for a new HVAC system for your current home we would love to help you with that as well. In this case, we will also work to make sure that your new HVAC system is something that is right for you and your home and again, is installed professionally and correctly. There is a long list of different HVAC systems out there and we love working with our customers to help them choose a system that is going to not only last them for a very long time but is also something that they are going to be very happy and satisfied with.

An HVAC system that isn’t working properly can be a miserable situation. Whether it is the middle of the North Carolina summer or the dead of winter, an HVAC system that isn’t up to par leaves you and your family very uncomfortable. When you give Southern Comfort a call, one of our certified HVAC technicians will be there to help fix your system and get it back to working the way it should be. Whether it’s unexpected repairs or just scheduled maintenance to your heating or air conditioning system our technicians are there to help you day or night. We understand how stressful it can be when your HVAC system isn’t working the way it should be. We pride ourselves on offering a service that is fast and reliable that will get you back to the life you were living in the shortest amount of time possible. Your Comfort is in our name!




HVAC systems are a long term investment. We maintain vehicles to last on average about 10 years. We expect our HVAC systems to last for an average of 20 years so it needs to be maintained as well. This is all done in an effort to keep your heating and air conditioning system working and maintaining a comfortable home environment that you are happy with. It is very important that you make sure your HVAC system is receiving the routine maintenance that it needs to stay working properly for many years to come. If this isn’t done or taken seriously, your HVAC system can breakdown, possibly at a time when you need it the most. Southern Comfort provides several maintenance packages that keep your system in the best working condition possible. North Carolina weather can be extreme in many ways and the last thing that you want is an HVAC system that fails you during one of those extreme times. The more you ask of us, the more we can deliver! See our packages below and feel free to give us a call with any questions you have!




$14.99/month for 1 system
+ $4.99 for each additional system

1 visit per Year

Filter replacement (up to 2 per system)
25 point system inspection
Service outdoor unit coils
10% discount on all service or repair calls during life of contract
Reduced trip fee from $125 to $95